Bench Sessions is a live music experience that is followed up by a podcast. The purpose of Bench Sessions is first and foremost to celebrate musicianship and the art of songwriting. Secondly, to showcase and promote artists that bring a unique style and depth to the stage. We encourage storytelling, collaboration and experimentation. The stage recording takes place at Bench in Omaha, NE. These performances are combined with interviews in a podcast to give a backdrop to the songwriters' creative process.


{  Kait Berreckman  }


Kait Berreckman is a native of Cozad, Nebraska. She's spent time delivering her beautifully crafted songs in cities across the country. We're lucky to have her in Omaha now, where she was awarded OEAA Best New Artist Award in 2014. She kicked off our second session with a powerful performance that combined her alluring vocals and the sound of her trademark hollow body electric guitar. Session and podcast hosted by Matt Mainelli. Produced by Sam Vetter. Find more about Kait and her music here.


{  Kris Lager  }


Kris Lager, is a cool combination of purpose, experience, talent and fun. He brought us a spirit-lifting performance full of philosophy — delivered with guitar licks and passionate vocals. He tours the spread of the country with the Kris Lager Band. If you venture out to see one of their shows, you’ll experience a celebration of music in its truest form. Session and podcast hosted by Matt Mainelli. Produced by Sam Vetter. Find more about Kris and his music here.


{  Jared Burton  }


This inaugural session featured Jared Burton, a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. Traveling across the country by train, Jared stopped off in Omaha to join us for this kickoff session. Lucky for us, he remembered to pack his acoustic guitar, magnetic vocals and engaging song collection. The night also included performances by three members of Omaha's Bazile Mills — Dave Mainelli, Laura Streeter and Sam Vetter. Hosted by Matt Mainelli, the show was recorded in front of a live audience at Bench. Find more about Jared and his music here.


Special thanks to the following folks who contribute to the success of Bench Sessions: Dave Mainelli, Matt Mainelli (host), Brandon Engel (sound), Ben Petersen (Bench), Hooton Images (photography), Bob Belgrade (photography), and everyone who came to support this project.

Please spread the word and spread the music. 
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